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İzmir University of Economics Secretary General is the top level administrative authority affiliated to the Rector responsible from providing administrative structure to work regularly, efficiently and coordinately.

Secretary General Authority is supposed to report all the works in the framework of the said authorization to University Senate and Board of Directors.


  • To provide administrative units of the university to work regularly, efficiently and coordinately,
  • To be the reporter of University Senate and University Board of Directors; to write, deliver and keep the decisions taken in these committees,
  • To convey the decision of University Senate and University Board of Directors to administrative units,
  • To provide the coordination of the correspondences of the Rectorate,
  • To provide efficient application and continuity of Quality Management System,
  • To give a report to senior management about the necessities for the performance and amendment of Quality Management System,
  • To prepare the annual activity reports of the university,
  • To carry out the similar duties given by the Rector.

Quality Policy

  • While progressing in accordance with the targets of our founder İzmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation, the quality policy of the administrative organization in accordance with the aims of İzmir University of Economics;
  • With the participation of our employees with high motivation and determination of success, with consciousness of being respectful to and responsible for the environment and the society;
  • Obeying the legal and technical legislations we are subjected to
  • Abiding by the principle of continuous development and improvement
  • Trying to provide unconditional customer and employee satisfaction
  • Keeping up with the advancing technology and developing ourselves
  • Carrying out the best, the most reliable and consistent service
  • Contributing to the development of Turkish Education

form the basis of our quality policy.